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Product name: Lipozene
Ingredients: glucomannan.  Lipozene is made of the major ingredient or water soluble fiber of the Konjac root known as glucomannan.  So Lipozene is made of natural ingredients.
Applications: To induce weight loss (mainly fat loss), alleviate constipation, lower cholesterol and blood sugar among others.
Side effects: No known side effects.
Product specification:  One bottle provides 15 servings
Instructions: Take two Lipozene capsules thirty minutes before each meal with at least 8 oz of water.  For best result, use the supplement three times daily before meals.
How does Lipozene work to help weight loss?  
Lipozene help weight loss (75% weight loss is fat loss according to studies) by making you feel full quickly so you do not have eat as much calories, which results in weight loss.  This water soluble fiber forms in the stomach after being ingested and make you feel full quickly. 
This dietary fiber has been used in Japan as a weight loss supplement for many years.  Some studies in Japan and Korea suggest that glucomannan can also alleviate constipation, reduce cholesterol and regulate blood sugar.

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